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Memories of scents

Looking back as a small child, I realise my greatest obsession was always scents. I can still vividly remember the smell of my Grandpa’s greenhouse. The heat from the sun warming the tomato leaves and ruby-red fruit. And I will never forget his patience and love drawing me the same train, day after day while sitting on his lap with those distinctive black crayons. My Nanna’s hoya plant on the front porch dripping and its honey-like nectar reminds me of an Australian summer.

You look cute in that

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The Art of Perfume

A nod to ancient traditions and hope for a more sustainable future!

The art of making perfumes is an ancient one, said to have originated in ancient civilisations in Western Asia, Egypt, India and China, and then refined by Roman and Arab civilisations.

Dating from around 1200 BC, several tablets written in cuneiform survived from the royal palace of Babylon.

Tapputi and her assistant embraced natural products in her perfumes by combining and filtering flowers, oils and calamus, cyperus, myrrh, balsam and other natural aromatics.

I embrace their ancient legacy and inspiration which underscores my commitment to making Natural, Vegan, Ethical and Gender Inclusive Perfumes.

I’m inspired by them to do my bit to promote a more sustainable future for our planet and all people, regardless of genders.