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Embrace summer feeling Perfume Chic

For me perfume in the warmer months is a chance to charm and captivate, refresh and invigorate, and enchant not only your own senses yet those of the people around you.

Its getting warmer, so we wouldn't hit the streets in a heavy jumper! so lets look at perfume with a stripped down approach, we strip back the layers and take a lighter approach.

Daytime to me in the peak of the sun is a prime chance to exploit the refreshing and uplifting properties of a vibrant Citrus fragrance such as Agrumes, or a sumptuous white floral such as Fleurs.  Perfume is going to evaporate faster, meaning that those top notes are going to reach the base notes much faster, this is due to the alcohol evaporating faster and the heat activating the precious oils.So topping up during the day with your favorite fragrance may be necessary. 

As those balmy nights roll around, and these are my favorite times, those nights spent with friends, or out in the streets at your favorite cafe, our bodies are warm yet there is a chance of a breeze that breaks the heat and soothes the soul.

We still seek sophisticated chic perfumes yet at the same time we do not want to dominate the air, this is the perfect time to try our two new perfumes that I created for this very purpose, Bois Floraux (classically light white flowers with soft warm woods) this has the ability to be fresh yet sensual and exotic without overpowering the senses, or Vert Citron, a classic bright modern green citrus, fresh top citrus notes with a soft warm green undertone, enough to captivate our noses and pique interest in any situation.

Ditch the heavy overwhelming perfumes, my top picks for spring summer are Citrus, Green, Green Citrus, White Floral, Soft Oriental 

Most importantly, enjoy your summer!, your family, your friends and your holidays.

Much love from us and please take care.



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