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Each bottle of Jasmin contains over 80,000 hand picked Jasmine blossoms, collected under the light of the moon for maximum potency. A luxurious affair that engulfs the senses in a shroud of exotic mystery. 

Available in a sugar cane alcohol or an luxurious oil base (please select at check out)

NOTE only oil based perfume can be shipped Internationally 

Floral | Exotic 

  • Eau de Parfum wear time 6-8 hours
  • Essential Oils & Sugar Cane Alcohol 
  • Handmade | Vegan | Natural | Ethical
  • Feminine 

(95% Jasmine Grandiflorium) (the other 5% a floral blend of  ylang ylang, rose geranium, jamarosa and jasmine sambac.

I knew if I was to introduce a perfume with Jasmine as the star ingredient, the investment would have to be made into the most exquisite Jasmine available.

History 101

It can require as many as 8,000 flowers to make one gram of essential oil. A talented picker can pick 10,000–15,000 flowers per night. These freshly-picked gems are rushed to processing to retain as much of the valuable essence as possible. All of these factors make jasmine oil among the most costly of essential oils.

Although the jasmine flowers themselves are delicate and quite feminine, jasmine is often described as the King of essences and the King of Essential oils. Patricia Davis describes it as having an “almost animal quality” and being more masculine in its scent and nature than Rose (which is termed the “Queen of oils”).