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Organic Castile Hand & Body cleanser 200ml

Organic Castile Hand & Body cleanser 200ml

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Our Organic Castile is a true bathing experience.

We use only the finest Castile available, made with organic olive oil and coconut oil to nourish and effectively cleanse the skin.

We then infuse them with our beautiful signature perfume bases of pure essential oils.

Castile is steeped in history and has been renowned for centuries due to its effectiveness and gentle nature. Suitable for even the most sensitive of skin.

Available in 3 perfumed scents

Our signature Floral- A delicate yet grand opening of white flowers softened and smoothed down with rose geranium and a touch of jamarosa to lend a green fresh undertone to the base.
I hear a lot of people state they simply do not like floral perfume, yet they leave with Fleurs in hand overwhelmed that it was love at first scent.


A soft, aromatic blend of deliciously edible woods and powdery-sweet Peru Balsam; juxtaposed with the menthol of Australian Eucalyptus and spicey Ginger. Perfect for Juliet or Romeo!


Twisted roots of Vetiver, bursting with all their raw vitality, overgrown in this cool, damp forest broken by pockets of herbaceous lemongrass and basil to stir you on as you journey through this sweet and grassy path. For the bold and the brave.